So what is a civil ceremony?

And is it different from a marriage or a wedding?
Confused? Well here goes!

A Marriage is the legally recognised union of two people – the legal bit, when you sign the register and are given your marriage certificate.

A Wedding is the ceremonial part, which can include the legal bit if you want it to.
And some couples do, opting for either:
a Religious Ceremony, conducted by an official, such as a vicar or priest, in a place of worship like a church
a Civil Ceremony, performed and recorded by a government official (called a registrar) and held in a register office or a venue approved and licenced by the local council, like a stately home or hotel.

But it’s important to understand that a wedding doesn’t have to include the legal bit, and many couples are now choosing to do things another way, by registering their marriage in a short legal process (which costs as little as £46, plus £11 for the marriage certificate) then celebrating their wedding with a Wedding Celebration Ceremony led by an independent celebrant – like us!

Why? Because it’s a far more personal way to do things, is tailor-made for you and can often work out cheaper too.

These ceremonies can incorporate all the usual elements guests expect to see at a wedding (vows, rings, readings, giving away etc.) but will uniquely capture you as a couple, be full of love and laughter, and truly celebrate your relationship in a way that totally engages your guests.

What’s more, they can be held absolutely anywhere and can include anything you like – from music and singing (religious or otherwise!) to a unity act and even a toast from your guests – setting whatever tone is right for you.

The legal bit can be done before or after your Wedding Celebration Ceremony – whatever works best.

Because that’s the joy of choosing an independent celebrant – we’re totally flexible and cool with whatever you decide, every step of the way.

At The Ceremony People, we only conduct one ceremony each per day, so once you book us, you’ve got us for as long as you need. And we’re always here to help and guide you, so you’ll really get to know us and be able to relax and enjoy your ceremony on the day.

So if you like the sound of having the freedom to celebrate your wedding in a bespoke, personal and totally unique way, wherever and however you like, we’d love to hear from you – let the fun begin!